CEP Manager - The complete CEP Management System

Records Management

Record and manage all of your high school enrollment program information

Online Business Apps

Custom portals for students, faculty, instructors, & administrators

Partner Relations

Manage all your program correspondence with current & future constituents

Canusia, Inc.

Secure Online Registration

Allow web-based online or paper-based student registration

Customized Reports

Access real-time data and run custom reports

Mobile and Tablet

Access information using a smartphone or tablet

Products and Services


Manage all your accreditation and reaccreditation records

Course Evaluations

Run your custom course evaluations for your accreditation requirements

Technical Support

Build your own modules custom to your specific program

Degree Planning

Help students with a college roadmap

“Canusia provided our program

with a customized solution that passed all of our rigorous security tests.”

-University of Pittsburgh

“Working with the team

at Canusia, Inc. was a rewarding and collaborative experience at every step.”

-Laramie Country Community College

“There is no way we

could have grown this big without Canusia’s management system. It is a must have to grow.”
-Syracuse University

What We Can Do For You

As the industry’s trusted and respected knowledge leader Canusia’s staff are committed to meeting the evolving needs of the high-school program community. With Canusia Software and support you have the tools and to efficiently manage your CEP. Our CEP professionals and technical experts help you get the most from your IT investment, we act as your own IT services and will help train your staff. Canusia will work with you to customize a software program designed just for your business needs. We will help you move from a paper-based system to a fully-integrated digital environment

Its Custom

Every client receives a management system tailored to meet its unique business process and needs. Our flagship software, CEP Manager, provides a robust and customizable platform for your CEP administration. From schedules, exams, student and teacher information, and more, Canusia software is there with you every step of the way.