18 Aug 2011


No two concurrent enrollment programmes are run the same…thats why the CEP Manager lets you customize the information you collect and view on the fly. You can now create custom fields for highschools or teachers, customize what information is seen and even export those fields into Excel reports.

Make the CEP Manager as unique as your CEP.

18 Aug 2011


Producing reports is a now a snap. Items such as billing info, course info, email addresses, instructor info, high school info, schedules, etc. can all be accessed at a moment’s notice with the powerful report tool.


18 Aug 2011


Information overload – thats no good or fun. The CEP Manager lets you customize your home page with ‘widgets’ that give you a quick snapshot of important things…things like where are my faculty visiting this week or if somebody shared a visit report with you.

The CEP Manager has a lot of widgets for you to use, if there isn’t one let us know and we will build one just for you.

18 Aug 2011


Professional development is a key component of any credible concurrent enrollment program.  Arranging speakers, coordinating venues and dates, and communicating this information to your partnering schools can at times, seem like an overwhelming task.

Using the CEP Manager all the professional development seminar information is now right at your fingertips.  Sortable by date, course or location, all of the information is easily stored and retrieved via the PASS system. Other workshops can also be accounted for and easily managed.

Now you can know who, what, where and when while making school visits using the CEP Manager’s school members feature.  Information about teachers and administrators at a school, including  contact between your administrators/faculty and school personnel on recent school visits can all be found in this helpful portal.  Courses, class lists, teachers’ schedules and customizable notes can all be included to make sure you know the lay of the land of any school that you may be visiting.

The partnership between the high school and the higher ed institution is what makes any successful concurrent enrollment program go.  With the CEP Manager, you can maximize your relational potential with your partners by having immediate access to important information such as school address, contact info including email addresses and phone numbers, directions to the school, participating teachers and subjects being taught. The CEP Manager can help you and your visiting faculty get the most out of your time during high school visits.